Adults Improving their Reading, Writing and Spelling

Many adults come through years of schooling without competent literacy levels - and it's not their fault.


If you are a creative learner, you learn much easier when you are taught differently: visually and creatively.

School is for auditory learners. If you were struggling at school, it is not your fault.

It is not about being lazy, not motivated or not smart. Usually it's the opposite.

Get assessed to find out how YOU process information and how to learn more quickly, while having fun.

Step 1:

Get Assessed for Dyslexia

Click on the image to get to our calendar and choose a date to get assessed by Barbara.
The one-hour consultation will confirm whether you are dyslexic and give you a solution, tailored to you. The assessment will be followed by a written report. You can also book a free consultation from our homepage.



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Step 2:

Get Access to Our Literacy Course

Choose the online version to improve your literacy over six months, step-by-step. You can do it yourself, if you are motivated.
For additional help, join an adult support group, which will be offered to suitable dyslexic adults. Support groups are only $ 50 per week.
We recommend a block of 10 weeks ($ 450) which includes the One Year School online course.


Literacy for Adults

Step 3 (optional):

Get Your Personal Tutor for One Day

Get a headstart by working with a tutor one-on-one for one day to know exactly how to continue.
In four hours your tutor will work intensively with you, setting foundations and using your brain differently.
This may be helpful prior to starting the Adult Support Group, but is not compulsory. It is the ongoing support that will make all the difference.


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Are you Ready to Learn? 

Book in for a proper assessment to find out where you are at and start your journey towards your dreams.

This is like 'Lost for Words' (SBS documentary) on steroids - tailored for visual learners. Learning to read is not the start, it's more important to learn HOW to learn, to learn to focus and eliminate emotional trauma.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Are you an adult who struggles to read - or read every text more than once to fully understand?
  • Do you take longer than others to write an email - and then still need help to check grammar and spelling?
  • Have you lost confidence around reading and writing?
  • Do you get anxious, frustrated, stressed or impatient?
  • Are you easily distracted or find it hard to focus?
  • Do you sometimes feel like an imposter, hiding the struggle from others?
  • Are you a visual, creative learner and often find solutions easier than others?
  • Then maybe you are dyslexic?
  • Dyslexic individuals are very bright and creative, but often cannot wait to leave school as soon as they are able to.

What if there was a way to:

  • Learn to read and write as well as anyone else!
  • Enjoy reading a book cover to cover!
  • Pass that exam that has stopped you from getting ahead in your job!
  • Go back to university and study what you always wanted to study!
  • Open your own business and bring your talent to the world!

Imagine to read only once with full comprehension.

Imagine writing an email with confidence, bringing your clear thoughts to the page.

Imagine to have laser-sharp focus to achieve your goals.

Option #1

A$ 330 includes:


The One Year School Online Course 


Gain access to the One Year School for dyslexic adults and follow the video instructions to read, write, spell and fully comprehend. But it takes self motivation.

This option is usually paired with a zoom support group with a few other adults who learn like you. Find the detail in Option 2. 

Contact [email protected] for more information.

Click Here for the Online Course

Option #2

Get assessed to find the roadmap for YOU

The Online Course & a Support Group of Likeminded Dyslexic Adults

If the assessment finds that you are suitable for a group, you may access it weekly ($50 per week) or for a minimum of ten weeks ($ 450), which we recommend. The cost of the One Year School online course is included, as well as a free app.

Together in your group you share, learn differently and practice what you learned during the week. 

Contact Barbara on: [email protected] or book an assessment:

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If you didn't find an answer to your questions, please contact Barbara on: [email protected] 
0402 686 327

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Let us find the right solution for you to thrive, while learning to  read, write and comprehend - in a creative way.

Our assessments are SOLUTION ORIENTED. It takes one hour (A$ 180) in person or via zoom and includes:

A One-hour Assessment

A Written Report & Roadmap 

You may Choose to Add Personalised Support Training and/or a Weekly Support Group. You will Learn HOW and WHY we learn differently!

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If you are not sure if this is the right path for you, book a free consultation and get obligation-free advice.

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