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Is The One Year School a Fit for YOU?

The One Year School is for Dyslexic Adults and Parents, Ready to Gain Literacy Skills and the Confidence to Empower themselves and their Child To Learn DIFFERENTLY with the Help of a Dyslexia Expert. Start with an ASSESSMENT to find out if DYSLEXIA is the Reason for Literacy Struggles.

Are you an Adult Struggling to Read?

Literacy for adults starts with a consultation to find out the reasons for your struggles and how to address them. Adults may choose an expert to accompany their solution for three months or join support groups that follow the online program. The assessment will answer these questions.


Is your Child Struggling at School?

Literacy programs for dyslexic children start with an assessment to find out how your child learns and how to best support them to thrive at school. It is best for a mum or support person to become empowered to help them for a few months. We will train you either one-on-one or we can offer a tutor.


How to Become a Dyslexia Tutor?

Would you like to empower dyslexic students to thrive and learn to read, write and spell differently? Adults from around Australia and the world can become tutors, as our sessions are via zoom. You need a consultation to find out if this is a good match for you.


The One Year School

A Unique Recipe for Success for Every Creative Individual. Find out if this online program, combined with your dyslexia coach, can help you or your child to overcome dyslexia, while achieving your goals.

What will the Assessment Offer?

The Assessment will include:

A one-hour personal assessment to find out if you are dyslexic, your learning style and the goals you want to reach.

A written report and roadmap towards a solution. 

All programs are either via zoom or face-to-face (currently Mosman, NSW).

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What Happens Next?

Option 1

You join the One Year School online program and work through literacy and maybe numeracy too, at your own time, your own pace and your own place.

For only A$ 87/month you get access to all programs and you can cancel at any time.

All you need is self-motivation!

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Join a Support Group

Option 2

We recommend to join an Adult or Parent Support Group  to get the help you need to continue on your journey to success. It will add the personal touch and follow the online program, including an app.

Contact Barbara on  [email protected]

If you are unsure, book a free consultation:

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Are you committed to transform your life and get the personalised one-on-one support needed to focus, read, write and spell with confidence?

I'll accompany you personally on this journey for four months with an individual program and all the hours needed. 


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Case Study: How Andrew went from a struggling dyslexic adult to becoming a PhD student, that was headhunted to the USA and was voted #1 Engineer Worldwide



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