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to enrol as a tutor in our upcoming course. There are limited spaces - if you miss out, you can get on a waitlist for upcoming courses.

As a tutor in training, you are committing to the weekly zoom classes. Should you be away for one session, you will be able to catch up with the replay everybody receives.

Ā Parents are also invited to join and use the training to help their dyslexic child.


Becoming a Dyslexia Tutor is the right path for you, if you:

  • Like to help people and make a difference
  • Are passionate about education and the right of every child to learn appropriate to their learning style
  • Are nurturing and supportive
  • Want to make a living by coaching or facilitating 
  • Enjoy a creative way of working
  • Enjoy the freedom of setting your own hours
  • Are coachable and eager to learn yourself